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Water Security Initiatives for Sustain

Text and pictures by Anna Bruce

The drought in Mexico made international headlines this summer. Nearly two thirds of municipalities reported water shortage, with Northern states seeing riots and violence as people fought to access water. Although many causes contribute to the current climate, it is certain that industrial-scale human-activities are altering rainfall patterns and impacting water security in Mexico.

Recently, I was invited to document a new project run by SACRED focussed on water security in agave growing regions of Mexico. SACRED is a nonprofit and partners with 1% for the planet. The project began in 2013 with informal fundraising by founder Lou Bank. They aim to help improve lives in rural Mexican communities where agave spirits are made, raising money for programs in these areas such as replenishing agave and ensuring water security.

I first documented one of SACRED’s supported projects in 2019 when they were planting donated agave with a school in Zaachila, Oaxaca. Since then, SACRED has donated more than 35,000 agave seedlings, worked on rain-catch solutions, and most recently begun well construction to help address water shortages.

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