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I'm a photographer, writer and animal lover. I am based in Oaxaca, Mexico, with my husband, five rescue dogs, a cat and a few chickens.

I was raised in Sweden, then Oxford, UK before completing an MFA from Edinburgh University and an NCTJ qualification in photojournalism from Sheffield. This led to freelance and agency work in the UK.

I have always had a passion for travel, which has taken me to amazing countries such as India, Iceland and Ethiopia.  

In 2013 I completed a media residency for the Mexican Foreign Ministry. The focus of this project was to create a body of work that would change international perspectives around Mexico. I explored the story of mezcal as a lens to document family and sustainability. Since then the focus of my practice has been the world of agave spirits. 

In 2020 I published a book called Perros y Palenques/ Distillery Dogs in collaboration with artists responding to this theme. 100 percent of sales from this publication go to support street dogs in Oaxaca through the local initiatives Teotails and Caravana Canina. 

I also write regularly for publications such as - usually with a focus on agave spirits.

See my blog for updates on articles and new projects.


My style is a dynamic approach to storytelling. I love to be adventurous, pushing myself to get images that speak to more than a surface level experience. 

I work together with my husband Brooks Bailey, cofounder of Rambling Spirits. Together we offer photography and video services including drone footage. As Brooks has over ten years experience bartending, we can also offer cocktail design and documentation.

We predominantly work on-site such as in the fields. However we do have access to a studio. We are also happy to travel to locations.

Brooks and I work closely with our clients to create a body of work that best represents them, completing projects in a punctual and reliable manner. 

If you would like to work together please reach out on email - 

Typically communication with clients begins via email. Depending on the process stage, we may have a face-to-face meeting or a video call.

I like to speak with clients to learn about the brand concept and objectives. A moodboard of aesthetic references is also a useful tool.

Once we have a plan agreed upon, we can move forward with the photoshoot. 

Finally I edit and deliver high-res images. This is typically via file transfer service such as Wetransfer. In cases where there are very large video or RAW files this can be on a physical harddrive.

I usually deliver imagery within a week of the photoshoot, but this is dependent on how many days of photography are involved.

The time frame for completing work depends on each project; the date of the shoot/s, and the speed at which I receive information from clients while preparing for the shoot.


Prices depend on the type of work, amount of photographs, and project duration. 

Typically prices start at $100 per hour. 

We charge $500 USD + any travel expenses for a full day of shooting 

I also work with long-term clients, delivering photos and video content monthly. Costs for this are based on consultation

Images from my library are available for sale. Prices depend on exclusivity needs

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