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Text and pictures: Mujer Agave for Mezcalistas

An agave event that focuses on women in the industry and shows that representation matters

Gender diversity and equality is a subject that needs to be addressed the world over. Recently, more attention has been paid to the challenges women face in the alcohol industry. It is exciting to announce that on the ninth and tenth of December, Oaxaca will host its first female led mezcal festival, MUJER AGAVE.

Like many people visiting Oaxaca to dig deeper into the world of agave spirits, the first thing I did when I arrived was make a beeline for two key establishments; In Situ and Mezcaloteca. These are more than bars, but gold-mines of knowledge and unique spirits to try. Another thing that unites these two spaces, which may surprise some people following the mezcal story, is that both are founded by women; respectively Sandra Ortiz Brena and Silvia Philion.

Sandra, Silvia and Mezcalera Graciela Angeles are the women behind the Mujer Agave event. They are opening the doors of Proyecto Murguia to create a space sharing their experiences, while inviting some other prominent voices to speak on the subject of agave and the feminine presence in the industry. It is described in their press release as “a tribute to women who have drawn the path of mezcal.”

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