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Eating Vegan in Oaxaca for Que Pasa Oaxaca

Text and images by Anna Bruce

Oaxaca City is a point of pilgrimage for food lovers from all over the world. Once you start exploring this incredible city you find a wealth and breadth of flavour that is unparalleled. Famous for rich moles, edible insects and mezcal, pozole, tacos and tlayudas, Oaxacan food incorporates an incredible abundance of herbs, corn, and chiles – many of which are unique to the region.

There has always been a culture of market life, hosting a treasure chest of fruit and vegetables, and although you can find great plates without meat, completely vegan options have been limited until quite recently. It is exciting to find that many restaurants have begun to offer significant vegetarian options, with a few locations spotlighting Oaxaca’s amazing produce with completely vegan menus.

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