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Text and pictures: Adventureros for Mezcalistas

July 26, 2022 | Anna Bruce

Cynthia Villalobos of Aventureros del Mezcal and her quest to support small mezcal producers reach the market.

It is undeniable that the rise in popularity of agave spirits shows no signs of subsiding. Although transparency between producers and consumers has been lauded by agave enthusiasts, as the market floods with a wealth of options, the roots of the industry become increasingly convoluted. Leading voices in mezcal are expressing the need to let indigenous people identify problems and potential solutions.

Projects like Aventureros del Mezcal, founded by Cynthia Villalobos in 2015, are looking for ways to reduce steps between production and consumption, by supporting producer owned brands to find their feet. “We link producers with marketers or with end consumers, but the main objective is to professionalize them, that is to say, that they develop their own brand. We already have several successful cases of this. I have been working specifically in this area for about five years now and we have helped develop at least seven producer-led brands” says Villalobos.

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