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Spring Vibes and Bishop's Peak

For a gorgeous spring day we decided to hike up Bishop (SLO). This peak is a 1,546-foot (471 m) volcanic plug, the tallest of the "Nine Sisters" or Morros, a chain of peaks near Morro Bay. The name is in homage to the capital of SLO county (San Luis Obispo) as "Obispo" is the Spanish word for Bishop. The name is apt because from certain angles it looks like a bishop's miter. It is about a 4 and a half mile trail to the top - following the path. However, quite quickly we ended up going off trail, scaling the impressive boulders that stack up against the side of the peak.

I hadn't really planned for this kind of excursion, scrambling after Brooks, with a bag full of unnecessary jumpers and a 70 - 300 zoom lens I didn't use. I'm always aware in these situations, as my camera swings around my neck, that if I slip I will instinctively protect my kit first - not the safest attitude for sure. I have a Nikon D610 and various lenses, the most useful I find is my old Sigma 24 - 70mm. However, it is full of glass and weighs way too much for hiking. Definitely on the prowl for a lightweight alternative.

As we got closer to the summit, the view opened up and we could see the valley open up below us. It was exciting to climb the rocks that jutted out, making the vista somehow more dramatic. Slightly ominously, turkey vultures circled closer and closer. I think we got pretty close to a nest, as it felt like we were intruding into their space. From this vantage point we also spotted the main route. It was busy, and once we got to the top we found ourselves up-close with a group of shirt-less hikers. Glad we took our alternative climb despite the wrong gear.

When we got back down from the peak, we sat in the lush green grass at the bottom, watching a group of horses. Many of them were pregnant or had foals. I'm not sure if it was us being there or just the time of day, but the foals were excitable, neighing and running to each other. I loved the atmosphere and definitely got me in the mood for Spring.

Happy Easter everyone!

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