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Mexico's Big Cat Conservationists for Culture Trip

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Text and pictures by Anna Bruce

In Oaxaca, which has the highest biodiversity in the country, the food chain is ruled by apex predators, including the jaguar. However, as in much of the country, this state is affected by deforestation, urban sprawl and habitat fragmentation, which has forced jaguars to change their habits.

Victor Rosas Cossio is the CEO of Jaguars en la Selva, Jaguars into the Wild, a foundation based in Oaxaca whose mission is to help rehabilitate jaguars and reintroduce them to the wild. He and his team of biologists are currently responsible for 17 jaguars, many of which have been illegally trafficked or come from private residences. Unable to develop their natural instincts in captivity, these animals need physical and behavioural therapy, although it’s unlikely they will all be released.

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