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Pictures of pulque and a piece on Istmeño Cuisine

Check out this piece I wrote on some of my favourite food and places to eat for Que Pasa Oaxaca, a quarterly printed magazine about all things Oaxaca. As Istmeño style restaurants become more capital, and the fermented elements that are typically part of this cuisine are all the rage, so it seemed timely write about.

Brooks also makes a cameo in the photos I took for the following article (in the same issue), on the agave drink 'pulque.' This is a Mexican alcoholic drink, about the same percentage as beer) made from fermenting agave sap. First the quiote (the huge agave flower) is cut, and the inside is scooped out of the remaining stump leaving a kind of bowl. This is left so that the saps collects in the bowl. We were taken out to see the fields of pulquero agave outside Matatlan, Oaxaca. There was one plant which had already been prepared, so we were able to taste pulque straight from the plant. It was delicious!

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